Rainy Forest Farms is nestled in the rain forests of the pacific northwest. The ingredients for our products are grown here in the PNW, and the ability to do so depends upon the continued health of the ecosystem. Though they harbor much of the Earths biodiversity, rain forests are fragile things; minor changes in temperature and rainfall can devastate them. As residents of the rain forest, and of the planet Earth, it is our utmost imperative not to destroy the systems which sustain us.

As such, we have taken the following measures:

Rainy Forest Farms is 100% powered by renewable hydroelectricity.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We have eliminated single use plastics in our packaging, replacing plastic-lined boxes with paper, plastic bags with glassine bags, and plastic jars with glass and metal. Further, we have switched from plastic syringes to glass ones.

Why is this important?

There is currently a plastics recycling crisis occurring in the USA. Most plastics for recycling were sent to China to be processed as very few plastic recycling centers exist in the US, and recently China stopped accepting our recycling. As such most municipal recycling services in the US simply throw away the plastic, which becomes estrogen-like polluting micro-plastics that have been found in drinking water, both bottled and tap, across the world

Metal, paper, and glass are much easier to process than plastics, and facilities to recycle them are all over the US. These materials are still commonly recycled, and do not break down into anything harmful or unnatural when thrown away. With that in mind, we have redesigned our entire product range to eliminate as much plastic as possible, and have eliminated single-use plastics entirely. Right now, the only plastics in the products we sell are in the form of the gaskets and sealing rings in our glass syringes and carts/pods. These are removable so the rest of the unit can be recycled, and we are working with manufacturers to try and locate a source of natural latex replacements.